Rapid Weight Loss Problems and Side Effects of Fast Weight Losing

Fast weight loss is something that may seem to be appealing to most of the people who are overweight and need to lose it. Let’s discuss Rapid weight Loss problems and side effects of fast weight losing. Although, it may appear to be fascinating for you, losing weight in a short period of time may not be a better path to get a toned fit physique. The effect of rapid weight loss programs cannot be denied and you may probably get your desired physique in a week or so. But, will you be able to continue in that state for long? “No”, is the answer. Fats that are lost quickly are obvious to be retained by the body and sooner or later you will again be in the same condition. So, if you are in search of a quick weight loss formula, think for a while and make a smart decision if you want to permanently get rid of those extra fats from your body.

Difficulties in Fast Weight Losing

Obviously, it doesn’t need to be mentioned that if you want to lose weight quickly, you will have to make some strict and instant changes in your food habits and lifestyle. Your body likes slow changes and any instant diet and lifestyle change may harm your body. Losing weight at a rate of 1 to 2 lbs. per week would be a better choice for you. As discussed above, fats lost quickly are more prone to return back in a few months. Moreover, such a fast loss of weight will bring negative effects on your body. Immediate changes in your diet and daily routine may bring a disturbance in body functioning and your physical and mental balance. It is therefore advised that you should consult an experienced dietitian, physician or a fitness expert before you choose any weight loss program. Quick weight loss can never come without any risk and therefore you need to have a look at all the factors before getting into a new weight loss program.

There are many ways to lose weight faster and if you are dedicated towards your goal to lose weight quickly you would surely follow any of the available programs to lose it and get your desired physique in the least possible time. If you are not able to lose all your weight instantly, at least you will lose a part of it in a week or so. However, you should realize the fact that faster you lose it more are the risks associated with your body. So, make a wise decision and unless you really don’t need to lose weight in urgency, you should not try to follow any such programs.

Drastically reducing the number of calories that you intake is a popular way that most of the people do in order to lose weight. Even if you are obese and have an excess amount of fat stored in your body, your body needs nutrients to function properly. Suddenly decreasing the food intake or going on a fast may bring various instant effects on your body and it may go under starvation. In this condition of starvation, your body may think that you are in a situation where you cannot supply enough food to it and thus it starts saving the stored fats for future use. This makes weight loss even more complex. Lack of nutrients will slow down your body’s metabolism rate and will therefore result in a negative effect. As known by everyone, if you want to burn fats from your body, you need to have a good metabolism rate. This leads to faster burning of fat. In the condition discussed above when your body metabolism goes down, it may not effectively burn fats leading to an opposite result.

Thus, if you follow such diet programs, you may lose weight in the initial stage but sooner the fat burning process will be halted by your own body and it will try to save fats. Moreover, most of the weight loss happening during this period would be water loss and would be regained. As these programs are quick and for a short period, as soon as you return to your normal diet, your body will remember the starvation phase and will burn less calories and concentrate on fat accumulation. Thus, it can be said that you would gain all those lost weight or even more than that. Some problems that may occur due to quick weight loss are discussed below.

Rapid Weight Loss Side Effects

• Losing weight at a faster rate may cause gall stones development. It is a small stone shaped material that gets accumulated in the gall bladder.
• Lack of calories intake may also lead you to heart problems. Your heart may suffer from irregularities in its functioning and heartbeat rate. Some of the effects that your heart suffers from may be fatal for you.
• Any instant weight that you lose most probably would be due to water loss from your body and not any fat loss. Apart from water loss, you may also lose lean muscle tissues. It can be understood now that the weight you are losing is not fat loss and thus it would recover easily and as quickly as it has been lost. When you eat less, your muscle tissues are broken down for the nutrient requirement of your body.
• Another important factor to be considered is that this weight loss is never permanent and you would gain it back in a few weeks as soon as you come to a normal diet and lifestyle. Most of the time, people follow a fad diet or a really low-calorie diet to lose weight quickly and they may not be able to continue with that diet for a long period. As soon as you recover to a normal diet, your body will compensate for its loss.
If you want to lose weight at a really fast pace, you need to take a wise decision. You can follow such diet if you are going to attend a wedding or any other big event. Possibly, you will have a week in your hand to get your body toned for the occasion. So, try to follow a healthy, natural and simple weight loss program that brings the least possible harm to your body.

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