Diabetes Weight Loss Diet Plan – How a Diabetic Can Lose Weight

Diabetes Weight Loss Diet Plan

We all know that obesity is associated with a lot of health problems and even life-threatening conditions. Diabetes is one of the diseases, which is most commonly linked up with being overweight. Diabetes is known to be a metabolic disorder, that affects the body’s capacity to generate energy from the digested food. It is a condition in which your blood glucose level is at a higher rate either due to insufficient production of insulin or the inefficiency of the body’s cells to react to insulin and at times, both. If not controlled on time, diabetes becomes a life-threatening condition and hence a diabetes weight loss diet plan is a must.

Now the Question is How a Diabetic Can Lose Weight Safely?

A diabetes slimming plan is a must to control and maintain blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. It acts as a strong weapon against all the diabetic complications and in cases of high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. Let us see how a diabetes slimming plan helps in controlling diabetes.

  • Diabetes Management: If you are diabetic, there is no way you can be ignorant of your diet, weight, and exercises. It is very much important to plan your diet at regular intervals, have a check on your weight and exercise regularly. In order to ensure that this is in place, a diabetes slimming plan is the only option.
  • Designing a Diabetes Slimming Plan: No diet plan works effectively for everyone. Individuals have different health problems and a different way of reacting to these health problems. Hence, it is important to design an individual diet plan, especially for the diabetics. It is advised to design this plan in consultation with your doctor, as he/she knows best about your medical history, the current medications, your body reactions and your overall health. Thus, the doctor is in a better position to help you make the right food choices in your plan, to avoid any further health complications like cancer, hypertension or a heart problem.
  • Controlling Glucose Levels: The main focus of your diabetes slimming plan has to be on controlling the glucose levels, especially for Type1 and Type2 diabetes, who are the most critical ones. Controlling and maintaining the right glucose levels should be a priority and can be done by including foods with a balanced glycemic index and regular exercise schedule. If you are able to maintain the glucose levels, you can reduce 40% risk of any complications in the kidneys and eyes.
  • Controlling Fats: Another important thing to be looked at is the fat content. You need to ensure that the fat intake is reduced comparatively by substituting the fatty foods with the non-fatty ones. This will help you control your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of complications in cardiovascular diseases by almost 50%. So, ensure that your diet is low fat and low cholesterol diet accompanied by an exercise schedule to improve the diet’s effectiveness.
  • The inclination for Sweets: It is a common belief that an inclination for sweets is one of the major reasons in the development of a diabetic condition. However, studies reveal that the blood sugar rise is more in consumption of white rice, white potatoes and white bread, as compared to the sweets and candies. So, the focus of the diet plan should not be to reduce sweets but to control starchy foods. This does not mean that you can go on eating sweets beyond limits. You need to control the sweet intake as well. Again, a dietitian or your physician would be the right person to consult with, before designing a diabetes weight loss diet plan.
  • Nutrition Levels: As you check for the fats, cholesterol, glucose levels in your diet, you cannot tend to ignore the nutrition part of your diet. You need to check that the diet is providing the required nutrition to the body, along with the other essentials. Without nutrition, the body would lack energy for any physical activities, that would defeat the whole purpose of the diet plan. Hence, ensuring the intake of food intact with all the essential nutrients should be one of the priorities in your diet plan.

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Let us have a look at a general diabetes diet plan

Diabetes Diet Plan for 1200-1600 calories: The plan is ideal for a small woman who exercises, a medium woman who does not do much of the exercises and even a small or medium woman wanting to lose weight. It specifies the servings from each food group to make up to 1200-1600 calories per day.

  • 2 cups of milk and yoghurt
  • 6 variety of starches
  • 3 vegetables
  • 2 pcs of meat or its substitutes
  • 2 fruits
  • up to 3 mgs fats

Diabetes Diet Plan for 1600-2000 calories: It is ideal for a large woman wanting to lose weight, a small man with a healthy weight, a medium man who does not exercise and even a medium to a large man willing to lose weight. The below servings from each can help in restricting the calories to 1600-2000 calories daily.

  • 2 cups milk and yoghurt
  • 8 variety of starches
  • 4 vegetables
  • 2 pcs of meat or its substitutes
  • 3 fruits
  • up to 4 mgs fats

This is a general idea to design a diabetes diet plan, however, it needs to be made more specific to individual needs in consultation with the doctor. A diabetes weight loss diet plan like any other diet plan needs to be accompanied by a regular exercise schedule to aid weight loss and control diabetes.

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